Transpais is a family based company, since its origins and now in the present. We try to make family values to be present in our everyday relationships both between our workers, customers and partners.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build the best customer relationship.

Transpais has its origins in a familiar company that grew based on the effort and passion for our work, this is directly translated to our team and daily relationship with our costumers. 365 24/7 has always been our slogan and it is integrated in the core of our company.

We Provide Logistics Service Wherever is needed.

Great Service. Professional People. Responsible Tours.

CLIENT ORIENTATED All of our effort focuses on our clients’ needs. We are willing to become their main partner and offer solutions for their logistics and freight needs.

CREATIVITY, INNOVATION AND ENVIROMENT. Trade unions growth is based on their innovation ability. Our investment in technology to improve our productivity and to become more environmentally friendly, ensures the development of tailor-made solutions for our client.

VALUE CREATION Our team Works towards value creation for both the company and our clients. Our human resources team focus on efficiency, effectiveness and honesty in order to keep high quality standards and professionalism that would create value for our clients, employees and co-workers.

Our vision


55.000m2 available for you 24/7 in strategic locations. A modern, geolocated and eco-friendly fleet will deliver your goods all around Europe. From road to ship and train. A unified and efficient solution.