Your products will be stored with the maximum guarantees of safety and hygiene



All of our warehouses have been recently built and are authorised for food storage. We have a total storage space of 45.000 m2 and 26 loading bays. Our warehouses have the latest RFID technology and are connected in real time to our clients. Our integration in Grupo Astre allows us to provide our clients with an extensive network of 290 co-workers around Europe (8.000 vehicles and 3.400.000 m2 storage). We also offer the possibility of providing inventories or quality controls to our clients. Those can be done with any of the products we store. We guarantee the correct set up for every material in our warehouses through the handling of goods and using any criteria previously established with the client for inventory turn and traceability. All of our stored goods are under control by our CCTV system, 24/7. We follow up on safety stock, minimum and maximum stocks as well as stock outs. We have the most rigorous standards for storage of goods in the food sector and our food storage unit has a Health Registration n. 40.26837/T
Depot Our deposits are located in the main Spanish ports ( Barcelona, Tarragona and Valencia) and thanks to its location we can store containers for our clients. We are also specialists in repairing, maintenance and sale of sea containers and transport equipment. Our software is always linked to our client’s one. Repair To complement our depot and containers transport services, we also offer a container repair service to our clients. The latest equipment is always used by our well trained and experienced staff. We are the Official Technical Service for Reefer containers: Carrier, Mitsubishi, Daikin, Star cool and Thermoking. Sale Our sales service of second-hand containers provides our clients with fantastic opportunities to cover their needs buying perfect condition
We offer an integrated option for transport and logistics based on a lower expense on logistics costs. We coordinate the pickup service from the suppliers and offer their tracking service: reception, handling of goods, control, status and quantity check. We can also palletise and set the goods up; weight and classify them according to references, lots, etc. As an added value, we can also provide our clients with information about the status of their products. Preparing orders, pickings and managing freights according to our clients’ requirements are some of our services and we also offer a consolidation and deconsolidation of load in platforms so to optimise the costs of transport. Thanks to the RFID technology and our internal processes, we can guarantee the efficiency in all our logistics chain, in compliance with the highest quality standards required by our clients.
Our automatic pallet cleaning system has been specially designed for in-line cleaning and drying of different size pallets and plastic spacers for food use. We have recently implemented a modern IT system with the latest technology for barcodes scanning in pallets and spacers, so to have an exhaustive control of each of the cleaned units. Adapting to our clients’ needs in complementary services of stockage and pallets repair, we guarantee the inventory turn and safety stocks. We combine our road transport with door-to-door service through our groupage and distribution network both, nationally and internationally being able to offer pick up and deliveries everywhere within Europe. We have the most rigorous standards for storage of goods for alimentary purposes and our food storage unit has Health Registration n. 40.26837/T
We are the founding member of the Palet System ®network: the first distribution network formed by specialists in industrial palleting and whose partners respond to any commitments when established by Transpaís. We are strategically located in Europe and have interconnected hubs with daily connection what allow us to offer personalised and high quality services everywhere in Europe being a transport company in Tarragona (Spain) and Colmar (France). Our freights are tracked by radio-frequency scan of barcodes. Astre’s Palet System network has a real commitment towards the environment and provides safe transport for any kind of goods, well trained drivers, and a modern fleet that ensures the reduction of greenhouse gases. Our liner transport, both for national and European territories, makes our transport cost efficient with optimised transit and delivery times
We organise the pick-up process from the consumption point to the origin point, according to our clients’ requirements, so to recover value or to ensure the correct disposal or recycling of materials. That way we can improve and increase the profit in production processes or in markets supply. Our road transport division has specialised vehicles for waste transport, metal scrap transport and recovery of by-products which offer a personalised solution to each one of our clients. Our know-how of the logistics chain offers solutions and we offer the technical and human resources to outsource our clients’ logistics chain.