Bulk transport/tippers

Our vehicles for bulk transport of goods (tippers) are specially designed for the transportation of raw materials in:

  • Industrial processes in-bulk from agricultural sources (cereals, feed, flour...) In order to cover those services we have specific equipment designed for bulk transport of cereals and feed (in-bulk loading).
  • By-products of industrial processes (wood shaving, metal, recuperated paper, plastic, glass, minerals, slag...). In order to cover those services we have specific vehicles for metal scrap transport and waste transport.

We have been authorised by the Government for waste transport

Our last units are the latest generation of moving-floor ones which offer versatility while improving the loading capacity for lighter products. We offer total risk control when transporting your products (pollution, mixing of products, food products, etc.)

Our vehicles use real-time Geo-localisation systems that allow us to know where your good are at all times as well as how long will it take to reach its destination; our drivers are ADR authorised for dangerous goods transport.

45.000 m2 of storage capacity; 26 loading bays and the ultimate RFID technology.


Specialised in national and international transport of containers.


Grupo Transpaís has an exceptional team with over 150 professionals.


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