Our commitment to the environment

We consider that reducing  the impact of our activities on the environment is our responsibility. In order to reach that objective:

  • Our work centres
    Our work centres consume as little energy as possible and reduce their waste production to the lowest. We safeguard the accomplishment of the current regulations, following up and measuring water and power consumption as well as on CO2 emission.
  • Our fleet
    On the one hand, we have a continuous vehicle replacement policy of our fleet and most of our vehicles are currently in compliance with EURO 5 regulations; the latest acquisitions are in compliance with EURO 5+EEV regulations. On the other hand, we work towards the optimisation of our clients’ transport plans as well as their loading of associated vehicles.

45.000 m2 of storage capacity; 26 loading bays and the ultimate RFID technology.


Specialised in national and international transport of containers.


Grupo Transpaís has an exceptional team with over 150 professionals.


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