Our resources and means

Grupo Transpaís is a freight company located in Tarragona (Spain) and Colmar (France) formed by 4 working centres and around 150 co-workers. In order to accomplish with road transport, we own a modern fleet of vehicles, all of them equipped with a GPS system as well as with a GPRS system for bidirectional communication.

All of our warehouses have been recently built and have the latest RFID technology.

Our headquarter offices in Tarragona and our subsidiary in France are inter- connected in real time using an ERP software that has been exclusively developed to control and manage our operations.  Our integration in Grupo Astre allows us to provide our clients with an extensive network of 290 co-workers around Europe (8.000 vehicles and 3.400.000 m2 for storage).

45.000 m2 of storage capacity; 26 loading bays and the ultimate RFID technology.


Specialised in national and international transport of containers.


Grupo Transpaís has an exceptional team with over 150 professionals.


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